Eat wise, train wise!

Eat wise, train wise!

You keep looking at yourself in the mirror, you don’t like what you see? I know that feeling all too well.  A new mum has lots to contend with after they give birth, not only the whole new lifestyle of looking after their baby but also the changes their body has gone through.

Two years on I am still on my new body journey, I am making progress and learning to love my body again.  I have made changes and tweaks to my lifestyle and diet but it is still difficult to fit everything in and make sure you take care of yourself each day when you put your child first.

Time is always the factor that comes up every time I talk to new mums and I admit I have been guilty of using this excuse as much as the next but I have started to switch my thinking to this – if I don’t find time now, I may run out of time in life sooner than I like.   I may not get to see my daughter grow up, find her own way in the world, watch her get married and maybe have her own children.  I want to show her that there is enough time for everything, we all need to learn to prioritise ourselves much more than we do – how often do you put your favourite TV show before doing a workout, or having those extra 10 minutes dozing in bed?

When you think about your daily routine, think where can you fit just 10 minutes in to do a mini workout?  It doesn’t have to be a massively sweaty routine just enough to get your heart racing and blood pumping.

The other factor, of course, is food – preparation is key and most of us don’t make time to ensure we have prepared healthy snacks and meals for the next day.  I know its exhausting looking after children and when they go to bed you just want to flake out on the sofa – been there!  I come back to my statement previously, how much time can you give yourself now to allow you to see your children grow up?

How about getting your children involved in the making of their shakes/smoothies in the morning?  My daughter has got into the habit after tea of preparing our shakes ready for the next morning, its like a little game for her – she helps us prepare tea where possible and we hope in time she will learn to love to cook.

I am starting a new group on Facebook in January and I hope it will help to keep people, myself included, accountable with both food and exercise – there will be recipes, workout tips, motivational quotes plus constant support.  All while using the nutritional products I have come to love which help me keep on track during the busy periods of the day.

I hope you will join me on my continued journey, I look forward to seeing you there. 🙂


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