How Getting Back Into Shape Helped Me Be A Better Mum


The bubble bursts…I remember holding my gorgeous new baby in my arms for the first time, she seemed so perfect I could hardly believe she was mine.  Looking back now, those first few weeks seem to have gone past in a blur, I was in a complete bubble, I wasn’t ready for it to burst!!  I must admit, I was lucky in many ways, I had my little girl over Christmas, as my husband got four weeks off.  When he went back to work it was a total shock to say the least, to go from having someone to run around after you and bring you food and drink (or even look after the baby while you went to the toilet!) to nothing!  My husband would bring me some toast and a drink in the morning and while he was at work I would manage to grab a couple of biscuits or maybe a piece of fruit if I felt the need to be ‘healthier’ but that would literally be it until he came home to make the tea!

 It wasn’t that I was lazy and couldn’t be bothered but like many new-born babies and new mums we couldn’t be separated without my daughter crying to the point where she would stop breathing, she was so comfortable sleeping on someone’s chest or in someone’s arms but not in her shiny new mosses basket!

 The point of all this was that after hubby went back to work I literally didn’t look after myself, I managed to get dressed and pack a bag (mostly done in the evenings while hubby was around) ready for the next day if I planned to go out but food was never given much thought.  Tea turned to ready meals and convenience foods because we were both too tired to cook and hubby wanted to spend time with the baby when he got home not cooking a full meal and I took advantage of him being home to shower or maybe sort any washing.

 Something had to change

 It did get easier but not without some help, after 6 months of only eating cake and hot chocolate at local mothers meet ups I was low on energy and I had gained more weight than when I was pregnant!  

 It was then that I was introduced to the concept of a healthy active lifestyle, not easy with a baby I hear you say, and you would be right in some respects.  Not a healthy active lifestyle as in cooking a meal from scratch every evening and working out every day but making small changes and using supplements I managed to get my body back into a much better shape within four months and that was with just one visit a week to a local circuit class which was run by some personal trainers.

 Those four months changed me, not only physically but mentally, I was shown how with some small changes to improve my health and fitness I could increase my energy levels to allow me to be more focused and energised to play with my baby, plus avoid getting those cravings which can lead to bad food choices.  

 Here are three little tips that I picked up to help change your mindset over those four months:

  1. Make small changes at first.  I’m not saying ditch all convenience foods straight away but cut them down to a minimum.  Try maybe having a pot of houmous in the fridge with a bag of pre-packed chopped carrots if you don’t have time to chop them yourself.
  2. Don’t let one bad meal or snack make you quit – keep trying to be consistent but don’t beat yourself up if you ‘fall off the wagon’ every now and then.
  3. Get help or support where you can, its ok to ask for help and you never know where it may come from.  If you have a fellow mummy who is looking to do the same thing, make yourself accountable to each other and swap tips on ways to keep going.  Supplements may also help to make your life easier, there are meal replacement bars and shakes available that can be used at busy times.

 Supplements really helped me – I was introduced to the Herbalife products whilst at the circuit class and I quickly felt the difference using the products, I had more energy I didn’t crave as much, and it was so quick and easy that I really had no excuse not to follow the plan!  I had an interest in nutrition before and had always tried to eat what I thought was a healthy diet but even with dancing six nights a week before baby I was never in great shape.  After four months on the products I was back to the same size clothes and waist size as I had been before Jessica came along, I even eat more than I used to with two snacks and three meals a day!

 As a new mum, it’s so important to take care of yourself so you can look after your baby – if you don’t have the energy you won’t be able to give it your all.  If you don’t consume nutritious foods, if you don’t have time to prepare healthy meals and snacks then these shakes will be your godsend just like they were for me.  I absolutely love them and even though my daughter is now two years old I still use them because of the time it saves me, and the peace of mind that I am having a nutritious meal without the hard work of cooking during the day.

 If you would like to find out more about what I did and the Herbalife products please email me or visit

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