How to avoid going back to work after maternity leave

The dreaded return date…you have been enjoying your time with your new born and it seems like ages until you must even think about returning to work, suddenly the date is getting closer – now it’s a month, it’s a week and before you know it you are agreeing working hours with the office and viewing nurseries.  The whole time thinking ‘wow where did the time go?’ but often ‘I would give anything to not have to return to work’.  Many working mothers feel they must return to work and usually for one reason – money.

There is another way

If you really dread the thought of returning to work there is another way, have you ever thought of becoming self-employed?

Have you ever had a dream where you:

–          Don’t have to worry about calling your boss to give the dreaded ‘I’m sorry my baby is sick, I can’t come in speech’?

–          wake up in the morning and don’t have to get ready to say goodbye to your baby each morning?

–          Where you have the freedom to work your own hours around your family and still earn an agreeable income?

When I say agreeable to be honest the sky is your limit when you are self-employed, if you dare to follow your dreams.  It may be that you don’t have any idea of what you would like to do, you have never thought of working for yourself before – I was in the same situation 18 months ago.

What could you do?

There are several options available, but my biggest suggestion would be to find your passion, find a product, do you have a talent?

If you already spend your down time sewing, making cards or creating personalised gifts then you could turn your hobby into a business.  Using your baby’s nap times and potentially your evenings if you have a husband or partner to do the night shift, you could produce a few items to sell.  Start small and gradually build your stock as you go along, use free advertising such as Facebook to generate interest and once you have stock maybe attend local craft fayres.

Freelancing is another option, if the job you did in your old life is something you can transfer and do from home then this is worth thinking about.  Jobs such as admin, customer services, book keeping, and writing can all be done from home – the digital revolution is here, and we no longer need to be tied to an office, so you may already have the skills required for these jobs.

My final option is multi-level marketing!  If, like me, you have never heard of this before then it’s worth considering – it’s a great way of owning your own business with very little start-up costs, compensation plans, rewards and recognition.  All this plus you can work your own hours and more importantly work from home with the baby.  Multi-level marketing is all about networking and connecting with people, if you are attending baby groups and visiting the supermarket there are opportunities everywhere to share your products and opportunity.  If you look at it this way, if you saw a great film or bought a great product from the shops you would recommend them to everyone you know and even people you don’t!

The cinema or the shop wouldn’t pay you for that recommendation though and that’s where the difference with MLM business comes in, you get paid for recommending products that you love and want to share!

Not only that once people hear about the opportunity themselves you can add members to your own team and earn a passive income (income which is earnt by your team members promoting the products), you could earn as much or as little as you dare to dream!


I found this exact opportunity with Herbalife Nutrition, I lost weight, increased my energy and felt fantastic using the products so I wanted to tell everyone about them!  I quickly saw the potential of earnings within the company and signed up to receive my initial discount to start earning money straight away – amazing!  My daughter was six months when I signed up and a year and a half on I am still with them, I have received more recognition and pay rises in those eighteen months than I have in the last eight years at my employed job!   I currently work my business around my family and work the hours that I choose plus I get to work from home so no more commuting!

Contact me for more information if this sounds like something you would like to learn more about and the world can be your oyster!


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