How to lose baby weight fast!

Believe it or not you can’t lose baby weight fast with exercise alone, many people believe that if you don’t work out 7 days a week you will never achieve that beach body you desire.  The truth is its 80% nutrition and just 20% exercise – this is a big difference, but it’s good news because it means everyone can achieve their goal, even if they can’t get to the gym.

When I was a new mum I didn’t eat much, I lived off cake and hot chocolate, I would meet up with my mummy friends and indulge myself each time because I was so hungry and exhausted – I gained more weight in six weeks of maternity leave than I had in my pregnancy!
When my daughter was six months I found a way to get back into shape and within four months I was back to my pre-pregnancy size and more importantly clothes!  That’s what all new mums want isn’t it, to fit back into the clothes that they wore before the pregnancy?
I remember trying my jeans on after having Jessica and crying because I couldn’t ever see how I was going to fit back into them, I expected by some miracle that now I wasn’t carrying the baby I would shrink back into them!  I bet I am not the only one!

Top tips for losing weight

My daughter was born in December 2015 and by the next July I weighed over 13st (pre-pregnancy I was 10 ½ st) I was introduced to 80%/20% concept and to Herbalife supplements that I have now used consistently for the last year and a half.

My weight has been lowered to 11st but more importantly gained muscle and started the process of toning up all without setting foot in a gym.  I do home workouts when I can, I visited a fit camp once a week during the summer and I now attend Zumba classes when I can.

So here are my top tips to you new mummies who want to get back into shape but are more time restricted:

  1. Don’t expect to get everything right straight away, things will change with baby and so will your routine but stick with it as much as you can and don’t beat yourself up if you have one unhealthy meal.  Remember one unhealthy meal doesn’t make you fat, just like one healthy meal doesn’t make you thin.
  2. Be consistent, keep going no matter what.  Even if you have a really bad day and you have cake and hot chocolate all day, just wipe the slate clean at your next meal or the next day and start again – if you quit you will never see any change so baby steps are far better than quitting.
  3. Join a support group, get like-minded women around you – if you and your mummy group all do it together you are more likely to succeed than trying to do it alone.  Try to get your partner or husband involved as I am sure they will have some daddy weight to lose as well.
  4. Don’t rely on the scales! This is the biggest and best tip I could give you, when you get your nutrition right the scales will probably tell you that you haven’t lost any weight and it will be right but that will be because your body is burning fat and converting it to muscle – muscle weighs more than fat so keep going!  If you really must use scales get yourself some Tanita scales which will read your body composition and really tell you what is happening on the inside!
  5. Get yourself a piece of clothing to aim for – A pair of jeans that I bought in the March after my daughter was born, turned out to be too small, so I kept them in the wardrobe, by the September I fitted into them!  It will keep you working towards something physical and it feels so, so good to fit into something you didn’t before!
  6. Get your nutrition right, sounds obvious right? If you are struggling then you would benefit from the same plan that I used (and still use) which consists of a Herbalife shake for breakfast, a healthy snack, Herbalife shake for lunch, a healthy snack and then a healthy tea (Example – chocolate shake, protein bar chopped up in Greek yogurt with a handful of almonds, vanilla shake, scrambled egg on whole wheat thins with spinach, a high protein meal with plenty of vegetables)
  7. Allow yourself cheat meals, spread them out throughout the week and don’t save them all for the weekend.  Binge eating for a whole day is far worse than allowing yourself a desert one evening and something like a pizza another evening.
  8. Don’t stop once you reach your goal! How many times have you started a ‘diet’ and lost weight only to stop doing the ‘diet’ and gain it all back again!? Make sure you aim for a lifestyle mind-set change and not a diet mind-set and don’t allow others to stop you from reaching your goal – people will always impart their ‘wisdom’ on you and it’s your choice whether you listen or not, only you can make these changes.
  9. Overall, aim for high protein snacks and meals, this will help you keep fuller for longer and keep your fat burning/muscle conversion going.  Allow yourself healthy fats such as coconut oil, almonds and avocado – these all contain important fats which your body need.  Use the products to help keep you on track, especially when time restricted.
  10. Although you will see improvements without it, try to stay as active as you can, go for a walk, push the pram around your local park it’s a great excuse to meet up with other local mums maybe you could even start a group.  Use your stairs at home to do a quick work out, they are a great way to tone up your legs and bottom.  Gentle exercise will help with muscle gain and it also good for your heart and body.

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