My nutrition journey so far…..

When I was a new mum I didn’t eat much, I lived off cake and hot chocolate, I would meet up with my mummy friends and indulge myself each time because I was so hungry and exhausted – I gained more weight in six weeks of maternity leave than I had in my pregnancy!
When my daughter was six months I found a way to get back into shape and within four months I was back to my pre-pregnancy size and more importantly clothes!  That’s what all new mums want isn’t it, to fit back into the clothes that they wore before the pregnancy?
I remember trying my jeans on after having Jessica and crying because I couldn’t ever see how I was going to fit back into them, I expected by some miracle that now I wasn’t carrying the baby I would shrink back into them!

My daughter was born in December 2015 and by the next July I weighed over 13st (pre-pregnancy I was 10 ½ st) I was introduced to 80%/20% concept and to Herbalife supplements that I have now used consistently for the last year and a half.  I have lowered my weight to 11st but more importantly gained muscle and started the process of toning up all without setting foot in a gym.  I do home workouts when I can, I visited a fit camp once a week during the summer and I now attend Zumba classes when I can.
It’s a common misconception that you don’t get to eat when you do take shakes but I actually eat more now that I ever have!  I get to eat lots of yummy food on a daily basis and I don’t restrict myself, there is no calorie counting  and I have made some great friends who constantly support me.

If you need to make a change get in touch today as it will change your life!