Saving time in your morning routine!

Saving time in your morning routine!

The alarm goes off and you really, really don’t want to get out of bed – you have a million and one things to do but you hit snooze anyway…sound familiar?

The biggest tip and the best advice I have ever been given is NOT to hit snooze and to get out of bed!  Its sounds easy right? I know it isn’t but I have found the days so much easier when I do actually get my butt out of bed and get on with the day, especially if you have little ones!

My daily routine starts before my daughter wakes up because I can have some time by myself and for myself getting things done without having to worry about where she is and what she is up to.

I start my day with a lovely, quick, convenient shake which I pre make in the evenings – this saves me so much time and ensures that I am getting breakfast with the right nutrition.

So briefly my tips for your morning routine based on my own experience as a busy mum:

  1. Don’t snooze, get up and ready while the kids are still asleep.
  2. Leave your phone alone for the first hour of the morning.
  3. Try preparing your foods the night before, make use of nutritional shakes if you need extra help.
  4. Make time for you, give your self a mini pamper if possible – cleanse, tone and moisturise.

I hope you find some value in this, I would love to hear from you with your morning routines and tips!


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