In 2016 I decided I wanted more from life, my daughter was 6 months old and I was introduced to Herbalife to help me lose my baby weight.  The products were amazing and the opportunity seemed too good to be true – never in my life had I considered running my own business or that I was even a tiny bit entrepreneurial, but I took a chance on the business.  It had a very small set up fee of £38 and as I was using the products anyway it seemed I had nothing to lose!

The  business has gone from strength to strength with team members and clients joining on a regular basis and all just from talking to people and introducing them to the products.  The benefits of being part of such a fabulous team go far beyond any job I have ever had – my team mates are so supportive, the company provide recognition at every opportunity, I have made some amazing lifelong friends and the pay rises are a lot more regular!

I couldn’t do sales like you!

I hear this a lot!  Network marketing really is just sales, its promoting.   I recommend trying the products and discovering if you love them first, if you do then the rest will come easily!

Have you ever been to the cinema and see a really great film, or been to a restaurant and had a fabulous time – you are dying to tell your friends right?  Well that’s all network marketing is about, its recommending products that you love, that really work and have been tried and tested by yourself – easy when you know how!

I will be forever grateful for the business opportunity as it has allowed me to spend time at home with my little girl watching her grow up and allowed us to spend time doing what we love.  It doesn’t just bring you financial rewards but it can change your life in so many different ways.

So whether you are looking for a business to fit around your current commitments, bringing in a part time income or whether its a complete change from what you already do – network marketing could be for you!

Please contact me if you would like to join or know more, it could be the best decision you ever make!